Vitally Important Writing Aides

Well here it is. If you subscribe to my site I will send you Max’s Writing Links. This is a pdf file containing over 250 researched web links. Now this is not just a thrown together list. This is a carefully researched list and it’s yours totally free all you need to do is subscribe to my site. I hate, loathe and detest being sucked into things so I’ll be totally up-front with you that your details WILL NEVER BE TRADED, SWAPPED OR USED in any other way than being subscribed to my site. Text Size:

As to the question why don’t I simply put a link to the pdf here, well it’s simple I don’t want just anyone getting hold of my carefully research links, I worked hard building this list.

NOTE: Please use a functioning email address. Some strange people have used false email addresses which means they don’t get the pdf file.

Cheers and I hope to see your subscriptions coming in soon.


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