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Well, this is the nitty gritty of any authors work. Here is where you can find direct links to my ebooks, print form will be available soon, you can search by the title on Amazon they are all there. I have purposefully kept the prices as low as the companies involved allow.
Why the focus on ebooks? Simple really most people are already moving their reading habits to the electronic format for its ease and cost. If you prefer a printed book, then I suggest you search in Amazon for the title you desire as all my books are available there.
Since surviving a massive stroke in 2004, I wanted to write something that would encourage fellow travellers and their families.
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Although this is available on Amazon as a printed book here, I always intended it to be free and that is not possible as an Amazon book. I will send anyone a pdf or an epub if they ask.
This book is the result of a watershed moment when I finally made my first missions trip, this is a transcription of my journal. I you have ever thought of doing a missions trip, but have put it off for any reason; you need to read this book.
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This book contains some of my ruminations! Well it’s a collection of my attempts at poetry and short story writing. I think you will enjoy my short stories and some of my poetry is good.
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I spent some years studying the life of Abraham, it would remiss of me not to sure some insights with you.
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This book is a journey through the book of Ecclesiastes; which is sadly only ever used to quote chapter three there is a time for everything, but this is an underselling of this books value.
My books are also available in printed form via; this is a POD service: which means Print On Demand. This makes the affordable but I’m hoping in the future to have stock of my own, to make it a cheaper alternative.
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A journey through Philippians finds a joy not often considered.
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This book is the culmination of years of ploughing through the twelve books known as The Minor Prophets. Do you even know why they earned the title Minor Prophets?

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Psalm 23 is one of the best known Psalms, but sadly mostly used at funerals, but this Psalm has much more to say about life than it does about death.

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This book is my latest and comes from my years of thinking, praying etc about the church as Jesus saw it. Our difficulty is that he never laid down any hard and fast rules. Because he didn’t need to. Think about it if we truly followed the New Testament teaching of being completely washed by his redemptive act for us and filled with the Holy Spirit, perhaps we would have had so many of the issues we have had. All we have are a few letters by Paul, John and Co. BUT, we do have Jesus’s own words to seven churches and we really need to learn from these.

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This is very personal. I have suffered chronic depression for my whole adult life. So this is my ideas on surviving and winning over depression. Not all of the ideas here will work for every person; nevertheless my aim is to encourage. Life is too wondrous and beautiful to keep yourself from enjoying it. It is my hope that this will encourage the reader.

Surviving a Life fighting The Black Dog is my journey and my defeat of living with depression. I hope you enjoy it.



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Christianity 101 came about from an enquiry from a friend in Ministry who wanted something they could give to a recent convert that would answer many of the basic questions.

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My latest book is Various Teachings, which I admit is a poor title, but it has some great teaching inside. Get the print version here.

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Thanks heaps, I truly hope you are encouraged by my site and my books. Keep reading my blog posts for new books.