Max’s art

I have longed to paint for quite a few years, just one of those things you never get around to it. However, I recently did a one day workshop on painting prophetically with Wendy Manzo. It goes like this

I Pray during the course of the week and put a thick wash over a canvas in a solid colour, then, during worship, I trust the Holy Spirit to inspire me to paint and I paint, I’m learning and sometimes think ‘that’s awful’ only to have someone come to me in tears telling me just how much it spoke to them. So I press on in the faith that God is bringing my inbuilt desire to create and direct me towards canvas.

This is the first time I painted, sitting in my wheelchair, I still have to rely on my wife a great deal to set me up and make sure I can reach everything I may need.

This painting was painted at a conference about going deeper in our faith; the blue glitter represents us Christians attempting to go deeper as opposed to so many that just drift along. Then there is the Jewels and riches of God; there are angels encouraging people, i.e. the white “wings” there is that one bit at the top that just bursts into fire or revival…

This was painted a couple of weeks ago; I was disappointed with it, hence no straight on photo. Yet immediately after the service was over a lady came over to me to tell me just how much it spoke to her, she had tears in her eyes and told me what she saw. The following Sunday I walked into our auditorium and saw something in the very centre of the painting that I had not previously noticed. I spoke to the lady about it and she started afresh with how it had spoken to her and even helped her to break free in some areas, so I gave t to her. She could hardly believe it I assured her that I truly wanted to bless her by giving the painting to her.

As I continue to paint I will post photos and yes I will sell them, when I can.