I am an author, as well as a trained public speaker; recently I have begun on a dream I’ve had to paint, I’m not much good as yet but I do want to keep at it. That is rather a big statement isn’t it: I am an author. Well, I’m doing my level best to live up to being an author. I spend time daily at my computer spitting out words and I hope they make sense and, more importantly, encourage people, as that is my purpose in writing – to encourage you.

We all, without fail, have daily struggles and a little encouragement helps. I am always amazed where that encouragement comes from; for me it often comes from unlikely places. However, it is my aim to encourage my readers. I cannot promise to inspire you every day no matter how much I try. But I do hope each of my posts encourages some of my faithful followers.

I survived a massive stroke in 2004, I have failed spectacularly at a number of things since. However, I have also had some equally spectacular successes. I am still here alive and reasonably well. I have had some terrible health issues to overcome in these last ten years, but I have overcome most of them. The one thing that is a constant in my life is that I don’t give up. I wrote a book about stroke, it is a free ebook you can get it by clicking on the image below, as well as other books, from my books page. For other free ebooks of mine got to the My Books page or simply click on the cover image below.

Do not get it via Kindle as it is not free that way. I wanted to write something for recent stroke sufferers and their families. If you need a printed version, you will need to pay for it but you can order one here. This latest version also includes a part to help people prevent stroke and believe me you should do anything to avoid a stroke. The No1 thing is to get your BMI in order.

I firmly believe the secret in getting over difficult stuff (crap etc.) in life is to have that positive attitude, mine is simply found in refusing to give up. I adopted the motto Never, never, never give up as my personal motto some 15 years ago. It’s amazing how such a simple choice has had such an impact on my still being here using oxygen and bumbling through each day. I so strongly believe in not giving up I got this tattoo a few years back:

Never giving up can backfire on you when, you get so very low in a bout of depression, you would rather give up, but then that little voice inside calls out to you, don’t do it keep going, stay strong.

What about your motto? Share it here, please…

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